Have you ever heard someone say “Leaders are born” while some argue that “Leaders can be nurtured”?
Let’s look into the meaning of leadership before we pick a side.

Leadership means being in a position to lead people and teams in organizations that could be as small as a hobby club or big ones like a company or a country. A leadership role is mainly involved in  the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of the organization.

A good and effective leader would be able to get the followers to willingly participate in fulfilling the mission and work towards achieving the vision of the organization.

How does a leader get the followers to do this? The leader has to be able to influence and motivate the followers. The leader must be able share the vision and convince the followers that the chosen direction is beneficial for everyone. 

Based on the meaning of leadership and how it’s done, we can derive the traits and skills of a leader.



How is leadership different from management and how do they work together?

To the top!

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