By definition of Wikipedia, Cambridge and Dictionary.com, employement means to go into agreement and be hired to work for an organization. This person is an employee. An employee works in return for payment and receives a salary along with other benefits such as annual leave, bonuses, medical benefits, housing loans, stock options etc.

If you are a naturally curious person, you may have questions about how things are done and why they’re done in a particular way. You may also be a naturally resourceful person and think of better ways to achieve results. Your initiative might be seen as just that – an initiative – or it might be seen as rocking the boat.

Here’s what you might be thinking – do I speak up because I care and I think it can really make a change, or should I just keep quiet and keep working because I need my salary to come in at the end of the month?

To be gainfully employed is a wonderful security blanket – you clock in and clock out, and your salary comes in on the same day every month. But on the other hand, it’s frustrating that your ideas are not heard and you are really keen to try it out.

So what should you do? That really depends on your personal ambition, financial situation and your general attitude. Check out our article ‘Employee or Entrepreneur’ and see which side you are leaning towards.

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Employee or entrepreneur?

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